Do you have a beauty salon, fitness center, office or shop where you want to taste a good coffee ?!

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Why is Caffé Occaffe good?

The coffee processed by Caffé Occaffe is native to Africa, South and Central America and Asia. Each type of grain reacts differently when roasting, so it roasts everything separately and mixes it until it reaches its best taste.
Carefully selected grains are stored in numbered bags, and if all grains match the quality and pass all the tests, they are roasting in roasters owned by Caffé Occaffe. During roasting, they put great emphasis on the characteristics and characteristics of the types of coffee beans.

What kinds do we offer?

  • Coffee beans
  • Ground coffee (suitable for drip coffee, french press, mocha press)
  • Compatible "Nespresso *" capsules
  • Compatible "Dolce Gusto *" Capsules
  • Compatible "Lavazza Point *" Capsules

Miscela Arabica
(100% arabica)
Miscela Super Bar
(50% arabica, 50% robusta)
Miscela Luxbar
(100% robusta)

A cup of good coffee is priceless ...

"The basic need for the human heart in almost every major crisis seems to be a mug of hot coffee."
-- Alexander King --

For four years now, we have been working with small and large companies on the Czech market, which have decided to increase the quality of coffee in offices and also the performance of employees.

We all know that the most things will be solved over a cup of good coffee.

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