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The Benefici estate owned by Marquises Bozzi-Corso Colonna Santangelo, situated in the countryside of Roccaforzata, a medieval village with an austere early 13th century castle, consists of 55 hectares of hilly land which surrounds a fortified farm constructed in 1400.

The land gently slopes down southwards to the plane of Taranto and is exposed to sea breezes which create the ideal microclimate for wine cultivation.

A low weight yield of grapes per hectare, careful selection, combined with the use of suitable wine-making technology are the essential factors which ensure the quality, integrity and wholeness of the products.

The Marquises, who are been fervent environmentalists for a long time, have introduced and developed organic agronomic techniques and have revived the family wine-making tradition which started in the 1920’s.

With their alternative and innovative approach to agrcolture they have succeeded in combining a respect for nature and a love of tradition with up-to-date methods, thus obtaining a product of superior quality.


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